Atlanta, GA | Atlantic Station Neighborhood Improvement

Atlanta, GA

(248) 5' x 5' PolyGrate™ tree grates

Atlantic Station is a mixed-use neighborhood that was developed on the site of the old Atlantic Steel Mill, in operation from 1901 to the mid 1970’s.   The plans and land reclamation began in the late 1990’s with residences taking occupation in 2003 and the first retail businesses emerging in 2004.   The goals of the development were to be friendlier to the environment as well as healthier to its occupants.

 As a result, many of the buildings are LEED certified.   It was only natural that (248)- PolyGrate™ tree grates would be installed in Atlantic Station and the area around the 17th Street Bridge.   Made of 100% recycled plastic, PolyGrate™ fits the requirements of the green initiative that the developers of Atlantic Station had specified.

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