Chicago, IL | Chicago 10th District Police Station

West Town, Chicago, IL

(58) 5’x5’ square PolyGrate™ tree grates

“Police do much more than simply walk a beat. Now they must also fight Internet cyber crimes such as identity theft and deal with the ongoing problems that illegal guns, organized gangs and illicit drugs present. To meet 21st century police needs we must continue to create modern, up-to-date police stations like the one we are opening here today.” Mayor Richard M. Daley.

We are proud to have earned the opportunity to work with the City of Chicago and seeing PolyGrate™ used by a great city like Chicago to modernize and improve the historical 10th Precinct Police Station and surrounding area is inspiring. A total of (58)-5-foot Square PolyGrate™ Tree Grates were used for the sidewalk improvement project that was part of the $15 million, 42,000-square-foot Ogden District 10th District Police Station project completed on February 5, 2005.

Mayor Richard M. Daley (Currie par. 5). […]” Currie, Bennie. “Mayor Daley Cuts Ribbon for New District 10 Police Station.” Public Building Commission of Chicago on the Web. 5 Feb. 2005. 20 Nov. 2013.

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