Why PolyGrate™ is Different

With over 1,100 installations in North America, Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands and Europe, PolyGrate™ provides the best value for your project dollar. PolyGrate™ tree grates are lightweight, shippable via UPS, and can be easily installed by one person without the added cost or need of heavy equipment or labor.

Earth Friendly

PolyGrate™ maintains a smaller carbon footprint by more than 15% compared to typical cast iron tree grate solutions. This is achieved by reduced fuel consumption, lower carbon emissions and its lightweight for shipment and installation.   PolyGrate™ is made of 100% post-consumer plastics and is recyclable, non-toxic and will never leach harmful contaminants into surrounding soils.

Easily Expandable

PolyGrate™ comes standard with a 12” diameter hole opening that can easily be expanded with any common saw for larger tree sizes and future tree growth.

Never Rusts or Needs Repainting

Made of HDPE recycled plastic means PolyGrate™ never rusts, corrodes, or leaves unsightly streaks on surrounding pavement or decorative pavers.   The color is integrally molded through and through and never needs painting.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

PolyGrate™ tree grates come in a variety of sizes and weights ranging from 30-60lbs each. Their lightweight and easy handling make one-person installments possible without the need for specialized tools or expensive, heavy equipment.

Durable and Long-Lasting

PolyGrate™ is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recycled plastic with ultraviolet inhibitor additives to ensure it will last for years and won’t fade or become brittle even in the harshest conditions of salt, humidity, cold, and heat.

A.D.A. Compliant

PolyGrate™ has a radial design pattern with openings that are less than ½”W x 2 ¼”L, which safely complies with American Disabilities Act requirements for pedestrian sidewalk accessibility.


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